Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

This the the invitation to the "Bad Dreams !??! show at 57 Underground.  It was a combination of some friends from the studio drawaing group.  Andrew, Maria, and Mike, as well as Doug's friend from his old art studio days: Mike Mollet, and Jason LaMotte, new assistant at the "da Center for the Arts" in Pomona, where 57 Underground  just moved (into the basement area naturally).

Mike Mollet is an interesting figure in himself: he formed the "LA MudPeople": one of several performance art troops he joined or created.  The LA MudPeople showed up at civic events and public places stripped down to loincloths (and sashes for the females), smeared with mud, wearing  prehistoric mask-like headgear.  They just mixed into the crowds, examining objects, blades of grass, ties, anything  they ran into carefully, as if those things were the most mind boggling things they'd ever seen.  Always wordless.

The purpose of the show was for everyone to bring out the most distrubing of their artworks.  It was a great opening.  I contruted  pictures of President Donald Trump and another of my son: both spooky.