Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

Here's a 2009 show at 57 Underground, a joint show with Mervyn, of whom I've written before, I think.  This was one of the two shows where I showed the resuls of blowing up and retracing pencil drawings.  The dancer series was the other show, and I'm not sure who else was showing there.  Anyway, the covid epidemic put an end to the latest version of 57 Underground gallery, and life drawing sessions at Mike Dommermuth's.  

So now was time to take stock of our careers to date, and this blog is one of the ways we take stock.  My husband is a working artist also, and built his own studios in downtown Los Angeles from about 1982 through 1995.  We were married in 1994, and moved to a home in the suburbs when the second studio's leases were up.  Moving took a solid week of rental trucks and helpers, and our possessions, including canvases and art supplies filled a 3 car garage.