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Folder 5 of 32.  Here is a model convinced me to emphasize sophistication, and fashion. After finishing art school I went for a year to study fashion and retail (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) in downtown L.A.  I had a room at the YWCA within walking distance of there, and got a whole new set of  friends.   

Women renting at the YWCA  shared their passions.  I was introduced to "Nicheren Shoshu": a buddhist sect from Japan that followed women members  married  to American solders during the occupaton.  Friends took me to meetings of another organization recruiting in the downtown: "est" led by a man called "Werner Erhard".  I still participate in both with the Nicheran Shoshu and Erhard's creation, which is now called "Landmark Education".  

In those days I might chant "nam you ring ge kyo" at some public place with buddhist friends, then at another social occasion,  talk to everyone about Erhard's  seminar.  I sold paintings to people I met at seminars, and even befriended a Koren traveler at the airport and sold him a painting from the back of my pickup truck.   I took it off the stretcher, rolled it up, and he took it with him.  It was a wild time.