Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

Well, this is the start of folder 7.  

We did not have a good close up of this piece, so here's a shot of it on exhibiton. Its a model whose name escapes me at the moment.  She was raised in Venture County by a single mother.  She is racially part caucasian from her mother and part black.  He mother essentially left her to raise herself, she said.  She seemed relaxed, very pragmatic and composed.  When we first painted her, she was trying to get a foothold in Los Angeles anywhere at all, and was staying at houses of acquaintences she met in the art community.  There are several pieces I made of her, but this one is probably the best. Just recently we saw her once again, she is now well established with an apartment in a good neighborhood and was drawing models now herself.  She is still the same relaxed, low key girl.  It occurred to me to paint a sunflower behind her, so I did.