Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

This is a comfortable pow wow among three messy models.  it's also a bad photo, taken under a single mis aimed spotlight without enough distance to cover the piece.  The colors shouldn't be trusted.  Its probably lighter overall, close to what the spot points out.  

This brings up a point.  No colors are true colors until you specify the intensity of the light source and it's frequency.  57 Underground's  gallery when we joined had long, 8 foot florescent fixtures: scavanged from the old print factory.  They were a mish mash of daylight and regular florescent bulbs, meaning the frequency of the light varied from place to place.  We just shrugged, and soldiered on.  The point was to flood that basement with light.

Later we had spot lights, with bulbs of various intensities pointed the way anyone with a tall ladder and ambition could devise.  This was the result.

What we have noticed is that painting change dramatically depending on their lighting.   Very  bright ambiant light and white wallis are a good traditonal atmosphere for art gallery visitors, but that isn't always what the paintings are trying to get across.  Many of my best pieces look absolutely ravishing in darker environments, under low ambient light.  Especially the colorfield ones.  They seem to glow from within, and shift attention to different colors as the light varies.  Others can't wait for a couple strategic spotlights to make the figures pop off their backgrounds.