Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

Well here's the raw material for an acrylic piece.  (of course its a piece in itself).  This consists of the background wash applied in the studio, on the primered (gesso'd) canvas we brought.  And the charcoal drawing of the model in one of its draft forms.  Note the straight lines used to visualize and center the figure.  Now, I should have started coloring in the body and giving the figure more 3 dimensionality, but I didn't for some reason.  Probably because we got there late.  

Still its a neat piece on it own.  The random drips in the wash seperate the upper part of the body from the lower.  Coincidently, the most detailed part is the upper, especially the model's head and left hand.  This was an hispanic model, who, I think spent much of her time in Mexicon dancing for the Ballet Folklorico.   She was also living in LA with her boyfriend, who was somehow employed by that troup.