Yi-li Chin Ward  Art Blog

Here's our livingroom studio dressed for thanksgiving.  Note the drawings on the wall.  Years ago we had a whole bunch of them framed as a show.  The least expensive way: acetate to look at it through.  Cardboard backing.  rigid plastic frame.  Simple acid free matting.  We have dozens of these lying around the garage, most with drawing already mounted inside.  If someone took a liking to one of the drawings in this blog, including the watercolored drawings, they would be come mounted in one of these frames.

While we're on the subject.  These acrylic canvases hanging all over the studio beg frames, but we are not framers.    The more "offhand" a piece appears at first glance, the more value it will attain by having a proper frame.  First of all, an art piece framed carefully will have enough space around it .  No matter how many family pictures or "brick a brack" cluster around it, it will have space to state its message, and will prevail.

Also, fames for paintings and other flat art need to be 3  inches wide at least, to allow the work to nest deep enough.   The viewer really needs to percieve the painting sits "inside" something with a depth of field.  To make such a frame needs a degree of craftsmanship, detail, and ornateness.  They signal to others that your art purchase is  as valuable as you percieved it to be.  And because art pieces stay in families for generations, they are much more liable to be treated as treasures by distracted heirs, valildating your judgement and the expense of the piece.  Proper framing is a  notice your family, to guests and other viewers, and a flag to auctioneers and potential buyers when that time comes.  

Outside signifying the artwork's value, we still need to remind ourselves why frames were devised in the first place.   A substantial frame isolates the piece from distracting forms and colors and objects in the vacinity,  It allows a close by viewer to set their eyes  "inside the box": a visually isolated mode that allows them to experience what the piece has for them.