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  • Strength and vulnerability coexist within us all. The human form is, without a doubt, a perfect embodiment of this duality, and we can learn so much from it. In this original art piece, The Gesture, the woman's posture is an excellent example of the power of physical expression.


    Yi-li puts as much care in building a welcoming community of artists and art patrons as she does with her artwork. Expect nothing but the best service from Yi-li's customer representative team.

  • Yi-li Chin Ward beautifully captures a magical moment of tranquility and serenity as she paints Enchantment--the sleeping figure caught in a burst of sun. The golden hue reflecting upon the figure's pale skin radiates a goddess-like quality. The canvas painting is mounted on a light gray wall in the center of the photo.


    If you’re looking for an artist to help create unique exhibitions for your gallery or workspace, look no further than Yi-li. With many years of experience in the field, talent and dedication to her craft, Yi-li is the perfect candidate for creating one-of-a-kind exhibitions.

  • This artwork is the perfect addition to your home, inviting you to experience the timeless beauty and wisdom of the natural world. Let "Girl with Banana Leaves" transport you to a realm where thoughts merge with nature, where introspection meets inspiration. Allow the vibrant colors, the delicate brushstrokes, and the thought-provoking imagery to ignite your imagination and connection with the world around you.

    Art Commission

    Yi-li is known for her stunning paintings, unique style, and use of bold colors. No two pieces of her artwork are alike, making each of her work a truly unique and perfect showpiece for your space.

Yi-li Chin Ward

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an original art?

An original art is artwork that an individual artist creates. It reflects the artist's creative expression and individual style and results from creative exploration rather than copying from another artwork or photographer. Generally, original art is meant to convey a message, evoke emotion, or tell a story that is unique to the artist.

What is an artwork print?

Artwork prints are reproduction pieces made from a digital image or another type of artwork, including Yi-li art prints.

To organize an exhibition with Yi-li, who should I contact?

Please get in touch with Yi-li by filling out the contact form and mention exhibition information.

To organize an art commission with Yi-li, who should I contact?

Please get in touch with Yi-li by filling out the contact form mention art commission information.