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Discover the captivating essence of "The Oneness," an original painting by the gifted artist Yi-li Chin Ward. This remarkable artwork beautifully encapsulates the grandeur and forgiving nature of the human spirit, inviting viewers into a realm of unity and interconnectedness.

Her dedication to her craft and passion for art shines through in every piece she creates, making her work a true delight for art enthusiasts.

Behold the captivating artwork titled "Celedon Lady," a striking masterpiece that embodies strength, divinity, and ancient allure. This piece, by Yi-li Chin Ward, commands attention with its powerful presence and evocative imagery.

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Elevate your space with stunning canvas wall art featuring meticulously reproduced masterpieces. Discover a diverse range of styles and sizes that capture the essence of each visual artwork. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of these high-quality prints, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings.
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Expressionistic Movements of Modernism

 We all possess both strength and vulnerability within us. As humans, we are a perfect embodiment of this duality, and there is much we can learn from it. In "The Gesture," a captivating art piece, Yi-li Chin Ward showcases the power of physical expression through the posture of a woman.

Greetings art lovers,

I'm thrilled to share my captivating original paintings with you. Each stroke, color, and texture is carefully crafted to evoke emotion and ignite your imagination. Join me on this artistic journey and let's celebrate the power of art together.

Warm regards,

Yi-li Chin Ward

  • Yi-li Chin Ward was invite to showcase her art at the U.S. Department of State, Art in Embassies

    Art in Embassies

    Exhibition Invitation 
  • Yi-li Chin Ward was invite to showcase her art at The Frank Lloyd Wright House in Riverside

    Frank Lloyd Wright House

    Exhibition at the Frank Lloyd Wright House in Riverside