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Simone Art Print

Simone Art Print

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"Simone Serene," by artist Yi-li Chin Ward, is an enchanting artwork where tranquility meets a harmonious blend of complimentary colors. The central figure, Simone, emanates a sense of serene composure and graceful elegance that captivates the viewer's attention.

With a subtle tilt of her left arm, Simone leans gracefully towards the observer, inviting them to connect deeply with the artwork. This deliberate gesture creates an intimate and personal atmosphere--as if Simone is ready to share her innermost thoughts and emotions with those willing to explore. The use of the Arnold color enhances the visual impact of the piece, creating a captivating interplay of tones that evoke a sense of balance and visual harmony.

Simone's tucked-in chin reveals a sense of quiet reserve and inner contemplation. It conveys a delicate sense of vulnerability while showcasing her comfort in her presence. This nuanced detail adds depth to Simone's character, suggesting a profound understanding of oneself and a willingness to embrace solitude.

"Simone Serene" is a remarkable portrayal of poise and tranquility, where the artist skillfully combines color, composition, and subtle body language to create a mesmerizing artistic experience. Allow yourself to be transported into the world of Simone and immerse yourself in her serene presence. This artwork invites you to embrace tranquility, introspection, and the beauty of simplicity.

Let your personality be reflected in the artwork adorning your walls. This square gallery-wrapped canvas print will always look as tight and flat as the day it was made. Every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and prevent deformation. Available in multiple sizes, it comes in walnut and black frame options.

  • 100% cotton fabric canvas
  • Poplar wood frame with walnut or black finish
  • High image quality and detail
  • NB! For indoor use only
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